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Charting the Right Boat for a Vacation

One of the first steps that need to be taken in the process of deciding on the type of sailing vacation is to match the circumstances to know more about the available sailing options, including the services provided and the types of boats available.

Boat Vacation

Depending on the specific requirements, a sailing adventure is likely to be that much more enjoyable if able to make the right choices in relation to the type of boat hired; Sailing, Motorboat or Catamaran. The size of the vessel is likely to relate to the group budget and the number of people on board. Even if you are very limited in relation to practical sailing experience, a yacht can be chartered with a full time skipper on board who can take complete control of the navigating, while you are left to completely relax and enjoy the experience.

Choices of boat include:


A highly popular choice for the sailing holidays, a multi-hull like the catamaran is available to hire in a wide range of sizes and shapes from the large size cruising boats to be much smaller and easier to manage boats. A catamaran is likely to offer a very exhilarating and fast sailing experience. Many of the catamarans are likely to require at least two experienced sailors on board to manage and navigate them.


A keelboat is certain to be able to offer a very smooth and pleasant experience on a sailing holiday. A charter sailing boat is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to make certain you are always able to hire the most appropriate type of boat to match the needs. They are very comfortable to sail by a skipper and one or more crew and likely to feature a range of comforts including the bathroom (head), toilet, kitchen (galley) area, and sufficient beds (bunks).


If you’re searching for a charter boat able to offer easy handling and higher speed performance, a motorized boat is certain to be the more desirable option. A motorboat offers a perfect opportunity to explore the local coastal waters at home or in an exotic destination and able to offer a variety of comforts for a day trip.

Canal Boat

A memorable journey is certain to be had on the fabulous rivers and canals throughout continental Europe, UK, and Ireland. A canal boat is among the easiest to control, while also being cost-effective, self-contained, and comfortable. It is a very versatile option and perfect for singles to groups and honeymoons to families. A high-end canal boat can be luxurious inside and come complete with a fully fitted galley, air conditioning, central heating, satellite navigation, comfortable cabins, and similar comforts expected at home.

Sport Fishing Yacht

A purpose-make sports fishing yacht is certain to make it possible to enjoy the unrivaled thrills that come with the epic battles against the ocean fish. A specially equipped boat will make it easy to get to the best fishing sites fast and outfitted with the proper supplies (bait, lures, line, reels, rods, etc.)

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