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Jet Ski for Sale: Guide to Buying A Jet Ski

Fun on a high-performance PWC can be huge. Latest models of Jet Ski for sale – either the one, two, or three-seater machines, offer a great deal of safety and performance features, a reliable and powerful engine, and a water-borne experience that is likely to be highly maneuverable.

Sea-Doo Jet Ski

Examine a Used Jetski for Sale –

Maintenance is vital to the safe and efficient running of a high-performance PWC. Unless maintained to a high standard, a Jet Ski isn’t going to operate at its full potential, with basic maintenance consisting of such basics as washing down and flushing systems after use to avoid saltwater corrosion.

  1. Scrutinize the PWC’s hull for signs of prior damage or repairs.
  2. Note the engine hours – Low hours are considered at 50 or less.
  3. Complete a compression test on the engine
  4. Inspect the propeller for noticeable signs of gouges.
  5. Are you able to turn the pump nozzle freely
  6. Ask for a test ride if a practical option
  7. Check to see if any maintenance procedures are in place.

Or for those without a mechanical background, it can be a benefit to employ the services of marine surveyor or qualified mechanic to inspect a PWC prior to purchase – this will cost extra, often in the region of $75 to $145, but that is nothing compared to the potential wasted $$$ if left driving away with high-priced lemon.

A qualified mechanic or survey will be able to inspect the personal watercraft for sale against an extensive checklist to determine its overall condition. If found to be in a neglected state, it can often be expensive to have a Jet Ski repaired to full working order, and if the repairs do cost a lot, it would have been cheaper to acquire a much newer, and less used machine.

A lot of the used PWC for sale are likely to come with a variety of negative issues of a minor or major nature – a close inspection should soon be able to detect these. Also, relating to the engine, a Jet Ski equipped with a high-performance 4-stroke engine is more reliable, requires less maintenance, and offers a fuel economy that is preferable to the 2-stroke machines.

Costs that Come with Owning a Personal Watercraft

Before acquiring one of the high-performance PWC’s, it is also worthwhile contemplating the costs that come with owning such a recreational vehicle, related necessities include –

  • Register the PWC and road trailer at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Fuel / Oil costs
  • Maintenance costs – mechanic, off-season winterization, tune-ups, etc
  • Dock, storage or slip fees
  • Boater Safety Course – necessary to complete in certain states
  • Insurance – a requirement on some waters
  • Safety and fun accessories – fire extinguisher, anchors, wake-boards, protective covers, wake-boards, skis, etc

Taking out a comprehensive PWC insurance plan isn’t a requirement in all states – though the rider of a Jet Ski is still liable for damage caused to a third party, person or property, if found to be a fault. Putting in place effective boat insurance is a lot more cost-effective than the resulting fees that could arise if an operator strikes a swimmer, skier, or other third-party vehicle.

PWC Water Sports

A high-performance two or three-seater PWC is required if attempting to tow a skier, tube or wake boarder at the rear. A three-seater Jet Ski offers the most space available, with first seat for the operator, second seat for the spotter, and the last seat for the skier or boarder. Also, sufficient HP, speed and torque, are all important factors to note when taking part in water sport activities.

Manufacturers of the latest model of PWC include Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, and SeaDoo. A high-performance machine costs in the region of $7,599 to $14,689, with a choice of designs (one, two or three seater), styles (sit-down or stand-up), and features (2 or 4-stroke engines.)

Brands that have ceased production of marine products, such as the high-performance PWC, include Polaris and Tigershark. Polaris Industries ceased production in Sept. 2004 and Tigershark (manufactured by Arctic Cat) ceased production in Sept. 1999. Although a branded Jet Ski for sale is no longer in production – OEM parts and accessories of the Polaris name can still be found at marine shops.



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