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Must-Have Gear and Equipment for the Day Sailor

There are a variety of ways to enjoy a sailing adventure, from the offshore passages to the day sails, but certain things need to be in place to guarantee a fun and enjoyable trip.

Sailing KnivesA quality selection of essential sailing equipment and gear is certain to help the skipper and passengers on board, and might include:

Foul Weather Gear

If you are likely to experience foul weather on a sailing holiday it is worth investing in a high quality selection of foul weather gear, which should make certain you are kept warm and dry at all times. A quality selection of gear is certain to make a complete difference between having a miserable time and a great time where you can be kept dry and warm even in conditions of torrential rainfall.


A personal grab-bag is perfect with storing valuables such as a cell phone, visa, passport, keys, wallet, insurance documents (plus other important paperwork), and refill medications. A grab-and-go bag can be kept in a zip lock or dry bag to ensure the contents are kept safe and dry at all times.

Handheld light

A handheld light (or headband) is the perfect tool to illuminate the outside in low-light conditions. A preferred type of light is a white light that is high intensity with an option to include a red filtered light that toggles on and off. Red filters are appreciated for giving the option to maintain the night vision.

A headband light is a practical choice to keep the hands free while working at night, such as checking the sail trim, working in the engine space, and charting the navigation.


One quality knife on board a sail boat is certain to benefit the dinghy sailors and racers and acts as an item of personal safety equipment. Use the knife to cut ropes or other synthetic materials that are common on sailboats. Knives come in a wide range of styles and sizes, such as the simple units to those with LED lights built-in.

Lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device

If you really want to make certain that you are safe at all times on a boating holiday, a quality set of PFDs should be in attendance for all those that are on board the vessel. Many of the modern life jackets are quite unobtrusive and comfortable, which should ensure you aren’t left wearing something that is overly bulky and uncomfortable for a considerable period of time. A quality PFD is likely to be equipped with comfortable mesh padding and an ability to inflate automatically in those times of difficulties.

Sailing Gloves

A specialized pair of sailing gloves is certain to help with improving the grip when it comes to hauling the lines. If you are likely to be involved in handling the sailing boat, a quality pair of sailing gloves is certain to be a wise investment. Many of these gloves feature cutoff fingers and padded palms, which is able to provide a great balance between flexibility and comfort.

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