All about Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater fishing relates to fishing in water that has no to minimal salt content. Fresh water fishing is highly versatile and has the option of fishing for a varied selection of fish species.

Crappie Fish

Freshwater fish amounts to about 42% of the available species.

Some of the favorite freshwater fish species include:

  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
  • Musky
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Walleye

This type of fishing activity is experienced in streams and rivers, ponds and lakes, from a seafront dock, on a boat or from shore. Plus, there are several different types of lures, baits, and techniques used in the process of catching the fish.

What is the most challenging place to fish?

What is the difference with river or stream fishing and lake or pond fishing? Each body of water presents different variables when it comes to freshwater fishing. A major challenge relates to fast or slow moving water (streams and rivers) to the virtually still water (ponds and lakes). Water make-up, structure, and ecosystem are entirely different with each environment. Get a good understanding of the fishing hole to increase the change of catching the fish.

Freshwater gear to match the fish you’re after

The fishing gear choices are wide-ranging and vary with the different kinds of fish, how you will be fishing, and over competence at fishing. Picking the right fishing tackle and supplies are certain to help be more productive at the bass lake or river. A well-chosen selection of tackle, rods, and reels must match the species of fish that you’re after.

Natural fishing bait vs. lures

A great fisherman has great fishing sense, practical skills, and well rounded selection of gear. The preference for natural fishing bait or lures is down to a variety of factors. Choosing the right tackle can result in a much more productive fishing trip. Choices relate to type of fishing, time of year, and specific fish you are aiming to catch.

Lake maps are indispensable

An ability to read lake maps is certain to be a major benefit to the experienced. A well read map will make it easier to identify the most attractive spots to find the large quantities and preferred type of fish. Using these maps is one of the most effective options to understand the local waters. Whether a complete novice or experienced, these maps are certain to help the fisherman hone their skills and target the right place to fish.

A practical choice is the contour or topographical map. This type of map helps to calculate the depth of water and this is critical to finding the various fish species. Most fish are easily found at particular water depths which can vary with the season and specific fish. Contour maps include lines which indicate the depth and anglers can rely on this information to increase the chance of successfully hooking the fish.

Once a contour map has been read it helps to visit the actual lake or river in-person to fully establish the fishing possibilities in the local area. A typical map is clearly able to show several different sites that are perfect for fishing and includes the depth to fish.

Freshwater fishing tips and tricks

Fishing tactics will vary depending on where you propose to fish. Fishing in cold or brackish water often depends on a particular style, while fishing in freshwater relies on an alternative plan.

  • A great alternative to worm bait is the locust which is appreciated by large fish species.
  • A mossy area is attractive to fish as it packs a lot of food.
  • Cast the line near shore to increase the chance of fishing biting.
  • Read the local fishing reports at the time of fishing to identify the spots the fish are biting.
  • Fish congregate in areas of the river or lake that offer a reliable source of food. This is often an area of the lake that turns deep to shallow.
  • Early morning is a great time to fish.
  • Use a shiny lure to attract specific fish, but there is a chance these lures will cause confusion should the sun reflect directly on them. An alternative option is the fishing lures fished in matted metal.