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Boat Auction: Legitimate Savings on Boat Auctions

Bid with complete confidence, an established boat auction site offers the potential to save on the cost of a high-quality second-hand, seized, and salvaged or repo boat for sale of all makes, classes, and ages imaginable. One of the simplest destinations to get started with boat auctions is the eBay Marketplace.

Prior to using eBay for the first time, it is necessary to complete the registration steps and open an account – this permits full access to the online boat auctions and everything else for sale.

Locate all-types of Boats, Parts, and Accessories on eBay Motors.

Using eBay Motors in 5 Simple Steps

• Go to eBay’s site –
• Under the Categories tab, select ‘Powersports, Boats & More, and than select the class of watercraft interested in – either Sailboats, Motorboats & Powerboats, Fish Boats or Other Boats
• Its now possible to restrict to search to show more specific details, such as Type, Length, Make, and Distance. Or to get more specific, use the search bar to input a particular make or model.
• Also featured is the option to sort listing by Year, Price, Distance, and Best Match.
• If applicable, tick 3 to 5 auction listings to get the option ‘Compare’ multiple crafts in a side-by-side display.

Prior to bidding on one of the boats for auction at eBay motors, make certain that you know precisely what you will be making a bid on, note the feedback rating of the seller, and read the About Me page if completed. Reading the Buyers Checklist and Buy Safety Tips can be helpful to guarantee a safe shopping experience, while the Vehicle Purchase Protection is also worth looking at.

Purpose-built Fish Boats for Sale

High-performance, quality, and durability all relate to the fresh or salt-water fishing boats designed to fish a diversity of fishable species. Fast and loaded with equipment, most of the fish boats are built to perform a specific purpose – those set to fish the flats or other shallow bodies of water, inshore, or deep waters.

Offering a solid-performance, the aluminum or fiberglass built fish boat are designed with a variety of standard features to give a fun and enjoyable adventure. Common features consist of the livewells, custom trailers, depth sounders, trolling motors, lockable storage spaces, and more.

Offering a practical balance for fishing and water-sports, the ‘fish-n-ski’ boats are starting to become more and more popular in view of its all-round versatility, these dual-purpose vessels function as an all-in-one ski, fish, dive, and cruise boat.

Perfect for the weekender to pro-angler, the modern, ready-to-fish angling packages offer a smooth-ride and solid platform for competing in all-types of fishing activities – whether it is calm rivers, flats, inshore, or deep waters. Repo boat auctions offering a high degree of fishability are often available at knock-down prices.

Sailing Boats for Sale

Defining the class of a sailboat often comes down to the hull configuration, size, keel type, and sail number – sailboats include the single or monohull and the multi-hull, with the multi-hulled vessels, such as the trimarans and catarmans gaining in popularity.

Outfitted for a fun and successful time at sea, the sailboat is equipped with a series of sophisticated electronics to guarantee a safe cruise on an overnight sail or to circumnavigate the globe.

A sailing boat, propelled partially or entirely by wind, offers a great deal more challenges in relation to its performance and handling abilities, than the traditional motor or powerboat – and often requires to some degree, knowledge of wind patterns and currents for a safe and enjoyable voyage. Common sail boat types are the ketch, catboat, yawl, dinghy, and cutter.

Motor and Powerboats for Sale

Fast, easy-to-operate, and safe, the motorboats are designed with a particular function in mind, with those aimed at water sports, such as tubing and wakeboarding to fishing the lakes, flats, and bays to overnight excursions. Larger powerboats can accept up to 14 or more passengers with ease, such as the pontoon and desk boats.

A popular class of motorboat includes the versatile center consoles – a great choice for a variety of activities, such as general pleasure and sports fishing. A motorboat sized at 16-feet or more often comes with a built-in cabin or sleeping area. Also, the smaller sized crafts offer ease in trailing from one location to the next, and this can often save a lot on storage or mooring fees.

Configured with a high-performance engine – whether it is a stern-drive, inboard, outboard, or jet-drive – the motor-driven vessel offers breath-taking speed for a variety of activities, from general cruising, sports fishing, or water sports. A sailing boat is more relaxing, although the power crafts offer more fun, power, and performance.

Jet Skis for Sale

Personal Watercrafts (also known as Waverunners, Jet Skis and Sea-Doo’s) are jet-driven, operate in a sitting, kneeling, or standing position, and sized at 12-foot or less. Fast and maneuverable, the high-performance 1, 2 or 3-seat PWC are in effect high-speed motorcycles on the water – offering sufficient speed and acceleration to tow tubes, skiers, or wake boarders.

Boat & Yacht Market

Used Boats for Sale: Guide to Buying a Boat

Buying one of the used boats for sale is often a difficult prospect, so it is important to consider all other practicalities that come with owning a watercraft, such as the cost of maintenance, mooring fees, financial obligations (insurance and mortgage costs), taxes, etc.

Points to Consider

A number of questions need asking before even considering the purchase of Motor-driven Yacht – Sportsfishing Boat – Jet Ski while being certain to take all steps to guarantee that the info gathered is true and accurate.

  1. Is all equipment (outboard, road trailer, electronics, etc) included within the quoted price?
  2. Ask the reason for selling the craft.
  3. Find out the age of the craft and its equipment
  4. Has the craft been given a survey or mechanic report in the past?
  5. Ask questions relating to prior claims history, damage, and maintenance.
  6. If practical, take the boat out on a trail run.

Potential Uses of a Boat

Is salt or freshwater on the plan – are the cruising waters used coastal, inshore, or quiet lakes, what is the anticipated mooring type – either afloat or on dry-shore, and is the boat used year-round or the main seasonal months.

Be certain to book a mooring space at the earliest point possible if planning on using one of the popular slips, anchorage points, or marina berths – as these can be difficult to virtually impossible to book at short notice in some areas.

Is the planned purchase a sailboat, motor-cruiser, or high-performance PWC – either to experience the thrills of a highly maneuverable Jet Ski, fish shallow bodies of water in a wide, flat-bottomed boat, or cruise at a leisurely pace in a sailboat? Is water-sports, fishing or cruising the reason behind purchasing a watercraft. Or perhaps a combination of these activities – when fish and ski or deck boat will be more appropriate.

Who plans to step on-board the watercraft? Is there enough space to accept all those wishing to use the boat – an all-welded Jon or flat-bottomed boat is perfect for angling parties in shallow bodies of water, while a multi-functional deck boat at 32-ft plus offers a great choice for angling parties or just to entertain friends. A clear ideal on the type and class of vessel helps with determining the most desirable boat for sale.

Associated Costs of Owning

It is essential to total up all potential costs that might relate to owning a sizable watercraft. Such fees include on-going maintenance costs, mooring, dock structure or storage fees, fuel and oil, loan and mortgage costs, licenses and registration fees, and potential taxes.

Boats for Sale by Owner, Dealer or Trader

Purchasing the latest model fishing machine is likely to be a high-priced endeavor, comes in full operating order, and complete with a manufacturers warranty – although, a 2012 model often takes a sizable depreciation in value as soon as it leaves the dealers forecourt – in some cases, a 30-percent drop is noticed soon after its taken off the forecourt.

However, the experience boater is often able to appreciate the value in the pre-owned market, thou it is vital to take more care in shopping for a used PWC for sale to guarantee the best craft is obtained for the price.

Pre-purchase Inspection Reports

With pre-owned watercrafts, it is crucial to inspect it for signs of potential neglect or miss-use. What is the condition of the hull and deck – are there signs of fading, scratching or chipping – if so, the craft might not of been received the desired attention at the hands of the previous owner. If signs note noticeable damage to the outside of the vessel, than it is often a great benefit to inspect the inside, such as the electrical components and machinery.

Prior to making a promise to purchase in the second-hand market, it is advisable to obtain a full inspection report, with the report carried out by a qualified mechanic, marine surveyor, marine shop worker. Also, if possible, a test drive or on-water sea trail offer another opportunity to establish the handling and performance of the craft.

And relating to insurance – if a vessel is aged – often at 10 – 15 years – self-built, or of a particular brand – it’s often a necessity to submit a copy of the full out-of-water survey and valuation prior to effective all-risks boat insurance coverage.

Destinations for Boats for Sale

Possible destination for locating a desirable second-hand sail or motor-driven craft include the high number of boat dealerships, marinas, and boat yards, which give easy access for those living in a boating community. Alternatively, go visit a marine, yard, or accessory store to search the bulletin boards, while classified ads in local newspaper offer a further option. Online auction sites (see the high volume of boats for sale on eBay for example), repo boats and boat dealerships are also a great place to locate potential powerboats, sailboats or jet skis for sale.

If plans are in motion to search out one of the used boats for sale, it is vital not to ignore the potential on-going costs that come with boat ownership, in order to experience a long-lasting and fun time on the water.