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What Is the Right Fish & Ski Boat for Your Needs?

A hybrid boat style like the fish and ski boat is certain to combine the elements that are appreciated by both the angler and water sports enthusiast.

Fish & Ski BoatA preferred fish and ski boat comes down to the primary use and a preference for an aluminum or fiberglass model.

Basic features

Essential features that match the wishes of the angler include a well-positioned pedestal seat (stowable when not in use) and wide casting platform. Other must-haves include a recent sized baitwell or livewell. Plus, space to store the fishing rods and related supplies should also be available. A fish and ski boat with outboard machinery must come complete with a tow eye at an elevated level that avoids interference with the power unit. Also, a boat with built-in locker to store water sports gear, life jackets, kneeboards, etc. will be appreciated.


A fish and ski boat with a wraparound, full windshield is usually a standard part of this type and class of vessel. Plus, a tilting steering wheel, adjustable seats, and flip-up seats are practical features to expect. Because this type of boat is practical for both cruising and entertaining it makes sense to invest in the model that includes versatile seating, built-in cooler, cup holders, etc. to make the complete multi-purpose boat.

Styling & Storage

The styling of the fish and ski boat should really lead to the most prominent usage of the vessel. A ski boat can include the mono-colored design for the hull which is complimented with accent styling and color. A boat more predominately used for fishing can include themed graphics and high-gloss paint. Storability options for the fish and ski boat should closely match the planned use. Certain storage options include water-sealed boxes to stow the electronics, built-in areas to place the tackle, wide and easy to pass access doors, and hatches that are easy to open.


A fish and ski boat needs the higher performance levels when used often for water sports activities. These boats can benefit with an upgrade to the engine – a 150 HP outboard or more are usually appreciated. A performance boat should be well-balanced and avoid giving a lot of bowrise which isn’t desirable when attempting to pull the skier or wakeboard. A high-quality fish and ski boat should have the ability to run at speeds in the region of 45-50 miles per hour. Most of the fish and ski boats have the appearance of a Bowrider, although there are certain models that can resemble a bass boat. A preferred choice for water sports is the ability to track well and turn smoothly.


A warranty is certain to be an essential part of buying a new to relatively new boat. Search about the market to ensure the dealership can provide the type of protection required. Any reputable boat manufacturer will include a solid warranty which they will stand behind in the event of things going wrong.

Dealer reputation

Make sure to identify the reputable dealerships before making plans to buy a new or pre-owned boat. Look online to see which dealerships or sales offices get the good and positive reviews.

Boat & PWC Rental

Charting the Right Boat for a Vacation

One of the first steps that need to be taken in the process of deciding on the type of sailing vacation is to match the circumstances to know more about the available sailing options, including the services provided and the types of boats available.

Boat Vacation

Depending on the specific requirements, a sailing adventure is likely to be that much more enjoyable if able to make the right choices in relation to the type of boat hired; Sailing, Motorboat or Catamaran. The size of the vessel is likely to relate to the group budget and the number of people on board. Even if you are very limited in relation to practical sailing experience, a yacht can be chartered with a full time skipper on board who can take complete control of the navigating, while you are left to completely relax and enjoy the experience.

Choices of boat include:


A highly popular choice for the sailing holidays, a multi-hull like the catamaran is available to hire in a wide range of sizes and shapes from the large size cruising boats to be much smaller and easier to manage boats. A catamaran is likely to offer a very exhilarating and fast sailing experience. Many of the catamarans are likely to require at least two experienced sailors on board to manage and navigate them.


A keelboat is certain to be able to offer a very smooth and pleasant experience on a sailing holiday. A charter sailing boat is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to make certain you are always able to hire the most appropriate type of boat to match the needs. They are very comfortable to sail by a skipper and one or more crew and likely to feature a range of comforts including the bathroom (head), toilet, kitchen (galley) area, and sufficient beds (bunks).


If you’re searching for a charter boat able to offer easy handling and higher speed performance, a motorized boat is certain to be the more desirable option. A motorboat offers a perfect opportunity to explore the local coastal waters at home or in an exotic destination and able to offer a variety of comforts for a day trip.

Canal Boat

A memorable journey is certain to be had on the fabulous rivers and canals throughout continental Europe, UK, and Ireland. A canal boat is among the easiest to control, while also being cost-effective, self-contained, and comfortable. It is a very versatile option and perfect for singles to groups and honeymoons to families. A high-end canal boat can be luxurious inside and come complete with a fully fitted galley, air conditioning, central heating, satellite navigation, comfortable cabins, and similar comforts expected at home.

Sport Fishing Yacht

A purpose-make sports fishing yacht is certain to make it possible to enjoy the unrivaled thrills that come with the epic battles against the ocean fish. A specially equipped boat will make it easy to get to the best fishing sites fast and outfitted with the proper supplies (bait, lures, line, reels, rods, etc.)

Boat & Yacht Market

Buying a New or Used Pontoon Boat Checklist

Choosing the right pontoon boat to invest in needs careful thought and consideration.

Pontoon Boat

A multi-purpose pontoon can be used for a variety of activities and varies significantly in relation to price.

Below are several tips to help decide on the right pontoon to match the intended use:

What is the intended use of the boat?

A versatile pontoon boat is functional in several different areas, including:

  • Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Entertaining
  • Fishing

Whether it is fishing or parties, there are purpose built pontoons that can offer a practical solution to the boating requirements.

1 – Fishing

A pontoon boat modified for fishing activities comes equipped with live wells, fish finders, built-in tackle boxes, fishing chairs, etc. A purpose built model can vary in relation to the specific outfitting and range from the basic to luxury models.

2 – Party Boats

A spacious boat for parties is certain to include the pontoon boats with the wide open spaces, tables, seating, and perhaps even a bar. Most of the party boats come with a choice of floor plans and include the desired amenities and space to entertain 10-15 guests or more.

3 – Pleasure cruise

A more relaxing cruise is experienced in the pleasure cruising models which aren’t outfitted with the extras needed for fishing, water sport, etc. Pleasure models are designed with comfortable seating and great capacity. An 18-foot pontoon is perfect for 6-8 passengers; a 22-foot model can easily accept 10-12 passengers, while a 26-foot pontoon is more practical for 16+ passengers.

4 – Watersport

A watersport inspired pontoon boat is able to combine the performance of a speed boat with the comfort and luxury of a pontoon boat. A high-performance pontoon boat is built with enough drive and power to easily pull wakeboards, tubes, or skiers. A watersport package is a practical choice for those planning to engage in the various different sports on the lakes.

Calm or rough water

A standard pontoon boat is built to cruise on calm lakes and rivers. But, if planning to use a boat on rough or open waters, it might benefit to look at other options. Certain pontoon can be fitted with heavy-duty riser components and extra welding to provide more efficient stability and function.

Boat market for pontoons

Buying a new or a second-hand pontoon boat often relates to the finances. Carefully search the market to see which models are available. A new boat with warranty can be just as cost-effective to buy compared to a slightly used model. Take extra care when shopping for a used boat to avoid issues with minimal ongoing care and attention.

Shop for a pontoon boat at any time of the year as great deals are presented to the market year-round. Plus, look out for dealer specials or promotions which can take place at any moment. Since there is no best time to buy a boat you should just start the shopping process when you are ready to buy and go boating. Also, for the first time boater, it might be a practical decision to go on a boat safety course before taking charge of a boat for the first time.

Go Boating

Bass Boats: Exceeding All Expectations for Fishing

Bass boats are fast, low-profile boats built for fishing parties and easily maneuver around rivers or lakes to arrive at a preferred fishing spot.

Bass Boat

Most of the bass boats are built with purpose-made seats or platforms for complete openness to fish.

Other features include:

  • Built-in tackle boxes
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Aerated livewell
  • Rod holders

A bass boat is built to accept 2-3 anglers to cast lines from the spacious platform areas at the front and rear of the vessel. Certain models are rated to accept 3-5 anglers, but in general, most of bass boat models offer comfortable seating for the lower number of passengers.

A tournament or professional-grade model of the bass boat is built to accept an outboard motor rated at 125-300HP. Alternatively, a buddy or casual tournament angler can accept the low-performance models in aluminum or fiberglass, which are fitted with a 150HP motor.

Aluminum is the less expensive and lighter of the construction materials. But, the fiberglass built models can provide greater versatility in relation to outboard motor size, performance and handling and size. An entry-level bass boat is in the region of 16-18 ft in length. A professional tournament edition is closer to 18-20 ft in length.

Whether the bass boat is constructed in fiberglass or aluminum, the layout or floor plan is quite similar in either case. Seating is quite low in the vessel and situated close to the stern. The aft deck is usually spacious and open to provide anglers a comfortable casting platform. Stool seats are built into the stern or the bow deck to provide the angler with 360° motion range to cast the fishing line.

A trolling motor is deployed and used for the most precise and stealthy control after arriving at the fishing hole. Bass boats are purpose built with a lot of storage space in the gunnels and floors to accept the wide-ranging supplies.

A standard feature of the tournament bass boat is the built-in aerated livewells (provides oxygenated, cool water to the hooked bass). A trolling motor is a further common feature. Plus, sonar equipment and GPS are installed to help travel to the right fishing spot with precision.

Popular bass boat brands include Bass Cat, Nitro, Ranger, Tracker, and Triton; each model of fishing boat varies slightly from the other to ensure a great choice is available in the market.

What is the right bass boat?

A variety of issues need careful consideration when it comes to deciding on the right bass boat to purchase. Some of the critical factors include:

  • Cost
  • Storage options
  • Trailering
  • Use


A bass boat purchase can be heavily impacted by the number of add-ons and accessories chosen. Outfit the vessel with the must-have features to match the specific angling practice. Any extra add-ons that aren’t critical can be included at a later date.

Storage options

The fishing season for bass is usually restricted to part of the year, so for the out-of-season lay-up period it is critical to have proper storage in place. A boat storage facility is a practical and safe option to provide a high level of protection when the vessel isn’t in actual use. A cost-effective option is storing at home, but this is subject to approval in the local area and an ability to protect and cover from the weather.


Getting the bass boat to and from the fishing site is achieved by towing from the place of storage. A critical issue to determine early with a planned purchase is the ability to tow the vessel on the highway. Any road vehicle used must have the rating to safely tow the weight of the boat – usually in the region of 3,500 pounds or more. Check the user manual for the vehicle to establish the safe towable limit. Most trucks and SUV’s have the ability to tow the vessel from lake to lake.


Investing in a bass boat is more practical for those that plan on visiting the lakes and rivers often throughout the season. But, for the occasional angler that plans on going out on the water 1-2 times each season, a boat rental might be the most practical and cost-effective option. Bass boat rental is possible at most of the popular fishing sites across the country.

Building Portal

Airboat Plans: How to Build an Airboat

Building an air boat form ‘scratch’ requires a quality set of air boat plans: consisting of complete step by step directions, materials list, full-sized patterns and hand or powered-tools required. Air boat plans designed for the first-timer builder come complete with easy-to-follow instructions to help get a self-build project started as soon as possible.

Airboat in Action

Highly maneuverable in use, the shallow bottomed boat, with its airplane-style engine and propeller, is put to use for multiple applications. This includes its use for general water enthusiasts, tourist trips, search and rescue, fishing, etc., and operates in saltwater or freshwater. Designed to skim shallow waters or marshlands, a one or two-seat air boat is constructed with a high center of gravity to offer a solid, stable performance at speed.

Perfect for maneuvering through stump-filled swamps, vegetation-filled lakes (or similar inaccessible trails), or even deep waters, the mini air boat offers one of the finest modes of transport for skimming-across shallow waters, at a depth of 2 or 3 inches.

Most of the parts needed to self-construct an air boat are often available at a local DIY store – although, if purchasing a complete do it yourself air boat kit all parts come prepackaged for complete ease in getting started.

Authentic Mini Plans and Kits

AirBoatFun, Canadian Airboats, and Glen-L offer a great selection of reliable mini air boat building plans designed to aid in the construction of 1 or 2-seater air or swamp boat. Featuring a straight-forward construction process, these plans assist in each step of the build process, including such works as the frame, deck, engine mount, propeller cage, etc, as well as installing the electronics and controls.

Mini air boat kits often complete with all items related to the fiberglass (containing resin, strips of tape, roller, squeegee, and brush) and standard fastenings (all screws and nails required).

Self-build plans are often customized to target a particular use, such as those aimed at fishing or hunting activities, often come designed with a wide variety of extras – rod holders, dome lights, a full walk-around, swivel seats on bow, Bimini top, intercom system – for instance.

Airboat Fundamentals

Steered and operated via acceleration, the use of a swamp boat calls on navigating skills that are not seen with similar on-water recreational vehicles. An air boat needs to be up on plane to function at full capacity, achieving this is possible by opening the throttle to ½ to ¾ of maximum speed – once up on plane, lift off the accelerator, and continue to control the vehicle on plane.

No brakes, just a gas pedal / throttle control – a standard air boat isn’t configured to go in reverse – on the water, the forward-momentum of a air boat slows as soon as the accelerator is lifted, dropping of plane, and the friction of the water. Operational control – relating to maneuvers and stops – is learned through experience.

Homemade air boat plans are often designed with the configuration of a single seat at the front for the operator, and 1 or 2 seats at the rear for passengers, although specifications are also available with a single seat design for sole use of the operator. Besides the fun aspects to the swamp boat – these machines also function for a variety of professional functions, such as those aimed at general pleasure, search and rescue, sports activities (fishing or hunting), eco-tourism, law enforcement, and military use.

Professional vs. Home Built

Self-construction air boat plans offer great-savings compared to the costs of purchasing a manufactured, ready-to-fish machine available at a local boat dealership. A 2009 model, 11-ft x 7-ft full deck swamp boat for instance, costs in the region of $4,995 in the preowned market, although this will come with a 150Hp engine, stainless-steel exhaust and rigging, electronic instruments, and 4-blade propeller.

Savings can also be found in a refurbishment project, such projects include those vessels requiring a complete refit, the salvaged or hurricane damaged – as well as the seized, confiscated, or repossessed boats available at boat auctions.

The potential to self build a DIY air boat, sailing boat, kayak, or glass-bottom boat at a fraction of the cost is there – provided that a high-quality set of small air boat plans are to hand.

Boat & Yacht Market

Boat Auction: Legitimate Savings on Boat Auctions

Bid with complete confidence, an established boat auction site offers the potential to save on the cost of a high-quality second-hand, seized, and salvaged or repo boat for sale of all makes, classes, and ages imaginable. One of the simplest destinations to get started with boat auctions is the eBay Marketplace.

Prior to using eBay for the first time, it is necessary to complete the registration steps and open an account – this permits full access to the online boat auctions and everything else for sale.

Locate all-types of Boats, Parts, and Accessories on eBay Motors.

Using eBay Motors in 5 Simple Steps

• Go to eBay’s site –
• Under the Categories tab, select ‘Powersports, Boats & More, and than select the class of watercraft interested in – either Sailboats, Motorboats & Powerboats, Fish Boats or Other Boats
• Its now possible to restrict to search to show more specific details, such as Type, Length, Make, and Distance. Or to get more specific, use the search bar to input a particular make or model.
• Also featured is the option to sort listing by Year, Price, Distance, and Best Match.
• If applicable, tick 3 to 5 auction listings to get the option ‘Compare’ multiple crafts in a side-by-side display.

Prior to bidding on one of the boats for auction at eBay motors, make certain that you know precisely what you will be making a bid on, note the feedback rating of the seller, and read the About Me page if completed. Reading the Buyers Checklist and Buy Safety Tips can be helpful to guarantee a safe shopping experience, while the Vehicle Purchase Protection is also worth looking at.

Purpose-built Fish Boats for Sale

High-performance, quality, and durability all relate to the fresh or salt-water fishing boats designed to fish a diversity of fishable species. Fast and loaded with equipment, most of the fish boats are built to perform a specific purpose – those set to fish the flats or other shallow bodies of water, inshore, or deep waters.

Offering a solid-performance, the aluminum or fiberglass built fish boat are designed with a variety of standard features to give a fun and enjoyable adventure. Common features consist of the livewells, custom trailers, depth sounders, trolling motors, lockable storage spaces, and more.

Offering a practical balance for fishing and water-sports, the ‘fish-n-ski’ boats are starting to become more and more popular in view of its all-round versatility, these dual-purpose vessels function as an all-in-one ski, fish, dive, and cruise boat.

Perfect for the weekender to pro-angler, the modern, ready-to-fish angling packages offer a smooth-ride and solid platform for competing in all-types of fishing activities – whether it is calm rivers, flats, inshore, or deep waters. Repo boat auctions offering a high degree of fishability are often available at knock-down prices.

Sailing Boats for Sale

Defining the class of a sailboat often comes down to the hull configuration, size, keel type, and sail number – sailboats include the single or monohull and the multi-hull, with the multi-hulled vessels, such as the trimarans and catarmans gaining in popularity.

Outfitted for a fun and successful time at sea, the sailboat is equipped with a series of sophisticated electronics to guarantee a safe cruise on an overnight sail or to circumnavigate the globe.

A sailing boat, propelled partially or entirely by wind, offers a great deal more challenges in relation to its performance and handling abilities, than the traditional motor or powerboat – and often requires to some degree, knowledge of wind patterns and currents for a safe and enjoyable voyage. Common sail boat types are the ketch, catboat, yawl, dinghy, and cutter.

Motor and Powerboats for Sale

Fast, easy-to-operate, and safe, the motorboats are designed with a particular function in mind, with those aimed at water sports, such as tubing and wakeboarding to fishing the lakes, flats, and bays to overnight excursions. Larger powerboats can accept up to 14 or more passengers with ease, such as the pontoon and desk boats.

A popular class of motorboat includes the versatile center consoles – a great choice for a variety of activities, such as general pleasure and sports fishing. A motorboat sized at 16-feet or more often comes with a built-in cabin or sleeping area. Also, the smaller sized crafts offer ease in trailing from one location to the next, and this can often save a lot on storage or mooring fees.

Configured with a high-performance engine – whether it is a stern-drive, inboard, outboard, or jet-drive – the motor-driven vessel offers breath-taking speed for a variety of activities, from general cruising, sports fishing, or water sports. A sailing boat is more relaxing, although the power crafts offer more fun, power, and performance.

Jet Skis for Sale

Personal Watercrafts (also known as Waverunners, Jet Skis and Sea-Doo’s) are jet-driven, operate in a sitting, kneeling, or standing position, and sized at 12-foot or less. Fast and maneuverable, the high-performance 1, 2 or 3-seat PWC are in effect high-speed motorcycles on the water – offering sufficient speed and acceleration to tow tubes, skiers, or wake boarders.


Bass Fishing Tips & Tactics

Bass is a generic term that can relate to several species of fish. A popular fish species often visualized is the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) and one of the most sought by fisherman.

Largemouth Bass

Other types include:

  • White bass (Morone chrysops)
  • Striped bass (M. saxatilis)
  • Spotted bass (M. punctulatus)
  • Smallmouth bass (M. dolomieu)
  • Guadalupe bass (M. treculii)
  • Choctaw bass (M. haiaka)

Largemouth bass

A highly popular fish in North America, the largemouth bass is olive green in color with a distinct dark strip and can reach up to 22 pounds in weight and 29.5 inches in body length. This popular game fish survives on a diet of snakes, small fish, shrimp, scuds, insects, frogs, crawfish, and bait fish. Life expectancy in the wild is in the region of 16 years. Largemouth bass can easily catch prey that is at least 25-50% of body length.

Here are several of the most practical tips and tactics for bass fishing:

Pre-spawn season

Bass fishing is particularly active throughout the largemouth pre-spawn season. The start of pre-spawn is usually early spring when the temperature of the water starts to reach 55-65°. Throughout this period the male and female fish will start to feed aggressively in the shallow areas and seek out the most attractive nesting site. Bass are easy to detect during this time and often quite close to shore. Use a catch and release policy for the female fish to ensure the spawning cycle can be completed.

Bass habits

Weather can dictate the whereabouts of bass. Bright sunlight can force the fish to look for areas of shelter. Bass are more active when there is little sun or cloudy and will leave their place of shelter. So, when it is sunny outside, the best fishing areas to keep your live bait or lure are those places the fish might use for protection and shelter.

Right time of day

Bass fishing is most productive at the start of the day or left until the evening. The best time to arrive at a preferred fishing spot is one or two hours before sunset or sunup – although bass will feed earlier in the afternoon if the water is muddy or it is a cloudy day.

Map study

Study a map to help identify drops-offs and different depths. Most bodies of water have maps and easily source online using local or state resources. Maps can also list sunken structures or cribs that are used for protection. A map can be marked with successful or non-productive areas for future reference.

Captured bass

A captured bass will often throw-up the stomach contents when fighting you. By looking inside the mouth, it is possible to see the feed and this can be mimicked with a similar looking lure. Alternatively, for live bait try to catch what the bass are feeding on and hook that to the end of the line.

Watch the line

Give the line a thorough examination every so often to ensure it isn’t starting to fray or wear. The fishing line is often in contact with stumps, branches, gravel, rocks, etc. A low-quality line can easily break, especially when targeting a monster bass.

Size of lure

The size of lure isn’t likely to have an impact on the size of fish you hook. Many of the largemouth bass will go after prey that is a quarter or half its body length. If unsuccessful at catching any bass on your lures, it might be practical to swap-out for a smaller size to see if more positive results are achieved.

Live bait

If artificial lures aren’t producing the productive catch of bass it might benefit to start using a variety of live bait. Frogs, crayfish, and worms are great options to use as live bait. A slip bobber can also be used to help with adjusting the baits depth for more effective casting.


Fishing Tackle & Gear for Beginners

Fishing tackle and gear is the wide-ranging supplies used by fishermen when fishing. Specific tackle equipment can include boxes, reels, gaffs, nets, lines, sinkers, baits, waders, lures, etc.

Fishing Lures and Tackle BoxBelow is an overview of the specific bits of kit used by fishermen:

Fishing rods

Basic fishing gear for the angler includes a rod and reel. A fishing rod can vary from a sophisticated rod to a simple stick. High-end rods come in high-tech materials and expertly crafted. Modern rods are manufactured in graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of both. Early rods were produced in materials like cane and bamboo. Fishing rods come in varied sizes, strengths, lengths, and shapes. Also, rods can be manufactured for catching a specific species of fish or for a particular fishing spot.


Fishing reels are largely split into three styles: multipliers, spinning reels (or fixed spool), and fly reels. Reels are what the angler uses to let out the fishing line and pull in the captured fish. This means fishing is possible at a greater distance. Reels vary significantly and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the intended style of fishing, speed of retrieval, strength, and amount of line to hold.


Stock the tackle box with multiple sizes and configurations of hooks to ensure you are ready to snare any sort of quarry. The hook comes in many different sizes, shapes, and materials, and includes the single to treble hooks. A regular J-hook is a popular choice, while a French hook is also favored. Hook sizes vary from the smallest at 32 to the largest at number 19/0.

Fishing line

The type of line packed in the tackle box depends on the species of fish you are fishing for and where you are fishing. The fishing line is available in plenty of different types that vary in relation to shape, fabric, elasticity, breaking strain, color, feel, diameter, and length. If fishing in a calm, crystal-clear lake a clear and thin line is a practical option, whereas, a heavy-duty line is more advisable if fishing in difficult conditions. A durable and heavy line is much less likely to snap when attempting to haul out the larger catch.


Bait comes in all shapes and sizes. Of course a popular choice is the different kinds of natural bait such as nuts, hemps, larvae, grubs, red worms, as well as several types of fish and meat. Alternatively, the fabricated baits consist of boiled, sweet corn, and bread. Preferred bait relates to the type of fish you are attempting to pursue and capture. Fleshy baits will attract the attention of carnivorous fish like pike, sharks, and barracuda. Carp is caught using edible bait like boiled nuts, luncheon meat, and bread flake.


Most fishermen can get away with an old hook and worm at the end of the rod when perusing fish. But there are literally thousand of different types of lures: minnow imitations, spoons, and spinners are some of the top-rated lures. Different lures react in different ways to help attract the fish. For instance, a minnow imitation is compact in size and appears much like miniature minnows swimming. This lure can attract several different types of medium-large sized fish. Spinners are one of the most popular and designed with an attached blade which helps to create a spinning motion; this helps to attract the fish.


Bobbers (also call floaters) are helpful for letting the angler know when a fish bites on the line. Any fish that bites on the bait will cause the bobber to sink. This lets the fisherman know it is time to start reeling in the catch. Again, there are several different types of bobbers to choose from. A standard bobber is in a plastic material, round, and colored white or red. However, a bobber can put a limit on the depth the line can be cast.

Plastic worms

Plastic worms offer a convenient alternative to live bait and come in several different sizes and colors. Plastic worms with the longer tail are the most clear-cut to use. Soft plastic bait is highly versatile and an effective option for catching certain fish like sea angler bass, wrasse, and Pollock.