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Buying a New or Used Pontoon Boat Checklist

Choosing the right pontoon boat to invest in needs careful thought and consideration.

Pontoon Boat

A multi-purpose pontoon can be used for a variety of activities and varies significantly in relation to price.

Below are several tips to help decide on the right pontoon to match the intended use:

What is the intended use of the boat?

A versatile pontoon boat is functional in several different areas, including:

  • Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Entertaining
  • Fishing

Whether it is fishing or parties, there are purpose built pontoons that can offer a practical solution to the boating requirements.

1 – Fishing

A pontoon boat modified for fishing activities comes equipped with live wells, fish finders, built-in tackle boxes, fishing chairs, etc. A purpose built model can vary in relation to the specific outfitting and range from the basic to luxury models.

2 – Party Boats

A spacious boat for parties is certain to include the pontoon boats with the wide open spaces, tables, seating, and perhaps even a bar. Most of the party boats come with a choice of floor plans and include the desired amenities and space to entertain 10-15 guests or more.

3 – Pleasure cruise

A more relaxing cruise is experienced in the pleasure cruising models which aren’t outfitted with the extras needed for fishing, water sport, etc. Pleasure models are designed with comfortable seating and great capacity. An 18-foot pontoon is perfect for 6-8 passengers; a 22-foot model can easily accept 10-12 passengers, while a 26-foot pontoon is more practical for 16+ passengers.

4 – Watersport

A watersport inspired pontoon boat is able to combine the performance of a speed boat with the comfort and luxury of a pontoon boat. A high-performance pontoon boat is built with enough drive and power to easily pull wakeboards, tubes, or skiers. A watersport package is a practical choice for those planning to engage in the various different sports on the lakes.

Calm or rough water

A standard pontoon boat is built to cruise on calm lakes and rivers. But, if planning to use a boat on rough or open waters, it might benefit to look at other options. Certain pontoon can be fitted with heavy-duty riser components and extra welding to provide more efficient stability and function.

Boat market for pontoons

Buying a new or a second-hand pontoon boat often relates to the finances. Carefully search the market to see which models are available. A new boat with warranty can be just as cost-effective to buy compared to a slightly used model. Take extra care when shopping for a used boat to avoid issues with minimal ongoing care and attention.

Shop for a pontoon boat at any time of the year as great deals are presented to the market year-round. Plus, look out for dealer specials or promotions which can take place at any moment. Since there is no best time to buy a boat you should just start the shopping process when you are ready to buy and go boating. Also, for the first time boater, it might be a practical decision to go on a boat safety course before taking charge of a boat for the first time.

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