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When Is The Best Time To Charter A Sailboat?

Any time is great to hire a boat for cruising, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, diving, etc.

Charter A Sailing Boat

But it is likely to be best if you are able to choose a time that is in-season and offers the right weather for the activity you are planning.

Boat Season

A typical boat season is likely to run from April to October each year in many countries, such as those bordering the Mediterranean and in the United States and likely to experience a significant amount of bright sunlight throughout this period. A sailing vacation is likely to be more enjoyable if you are able to avoid the busiest time of the year when many of the locals are taking their holidays, so you might want to avoid July and August.

Best time to charter

In reality, a sailing adventure is likely to be best enjoyed at the start of the season (mid-May to mid-July) or at the end of the season (early-September to mid-October) when the crowds are much more manageable and sea water is still warm. A further benefit is that the prices quoted by the rental companies are certain to be that much more affordable if you are to stay outside of the busiest parts of the season.

Plan early

If you are looking for more flexibility in the available dates for the sailing holiday and selection of yachts, you might want to look at making the arrangements early and booking the holiday well ahead of time. For a high season charter (July & August), an early booking is likely to be highly desirable. Although, if you are looking to charter a yacht throughout the mid to low-season, more flexibility is likely to be available and even possible to book the last minute charters.

Obviously there is a far-sight more sunlight throughout the main boating season, but if you would like a bit more tranquility and peace, a winter cruise might be highly desirable.

Charting in the Bahamas

Before planning to charter a yacht it benefits so look at the likely temperatures and conditions related to the preferred destination. A charter in the Bahamas for instance is most favored throughout the summer months with the temperature kept at a constant 80-90 degrees with cooling wind and sunny skies. Plus, it is possible to experience these pristine waters throughout the winter (December to February) with temperature falling to about 60-65 degrees. While this is a lot cooler it is still more pleasant than certain areas of the United States.

Certain times

Certain times of the year are significantly more popular than others for charting a yacht in the Caribbean or similar popular destinations. Christmas and New Year will need advanced booking to ensure a yacht is available for the preferred dates. Plus, in regions of the Mediterranean the availability of ports or marinas can be limited, so planning ahead is needed to make sure a preferred dockage is reserved for the time of the voyage.

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What to Bring On a Yacht Charter Voyage

Good organization and preparation is critical to a successful sailing holiday. A well-prepared checklist is certain to help those that are planning a day or longer on the open waters.

Yacht Charter

And the necessities might include:

Items of equipment to pack:

  • Boat papers or charter agreement
  • Passport and relevant visas for the countries visiting
  • Sun block and sun cream
  • Nonprescription and prescription medication (remedies for seasickness might also be ideal)
  • Guidebooks
  • Binoculars
  • Camera (secured in a water repellent bag)
  • Hats
  • Glasses
  • Wallet (with sufficient traveler’s checks or cash for paying deposits, tips, provisions, etc)
  • Sunglasses

If you are likely to be bareboat sailing and taking on the responsibility of the navigation, you might want to include:

  • Sailing or motor competence certificates (check with the boat company to see which papers are required to meet the boat hire agreement)
  • Other relevant boating course certificates or training documentation
  • Proof of prior boating experience (contracts from previous hire companies)
  • VHF radio certificate

Technology items of use

Kindle, iPad or iPhone. Tech items offer a wide range of uses when on a yacht. A particularly useful aspect to the iPad or iPhone is the ability to download a range of apps which help in the process of navigation, safety, weather reports, and much more. If you believe that you might have difficulty charting a course, download the relevant app and rely on that to guide you across the open waters.

In the process of preparing for the sailing adventure, there are those items that shouldn’t be packed, including:

  • Nonessential valuables, like jewelry and watches (especially those that aren’t waterproof)
  • Any item which, if lost, could cause undue distress and inconvenience

Remember that a sailing yacht is certain to be very limited in relation to storage space and therefore you want to be as conservative as possible when it comes to packing for this adventure.

Leaving the yacht after the charter

Make sure to leave the yacht clean and in a similar state that was witnessed when first boarding. Check the responsibilities that are noted in accordance with the charter agreement that has been signed.

  • Ensure all items of a personal nature are packed up and taken when leaving the yacht.
  • Remove all items of food that were taken on board.
  • Also, make sure to take photographic evidence of any damage or things in need of fixing and have them reported. Plus, make notes if any complaints are likely to be made.

What is likely to be include on a yacht charter

  • Bedding is included
  • Navigational aids (instruments, charts, pilot books, etc.)
  • Blankets, towels, and similar essentials


The faster the supplies are put together the easier it will be to set-off and get out onto the open waters. It is critical to get the right supplies packed to enjoy a safe and pleasant voyage

  • Buy a wide-ranging travel insurance plan when booking the yacht charter
  • Give the credit card provider notification of the intend use
  • Always check with the charter company to see what forms part of the package

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Charting the Right Boat for a Vacation

One of the first steps that need to be taken in the process of deciding on the type of sailing vacation is to match the circumstances to know more about the available sailing options, including the services provided and the types of boats available.

Boat Vacation

Depending on the specific requirements, a sailing adventure is likely to be that much more enjoyable if able to make the right choices in relation to the type of boat hired; Sailing, Motorboat or Catamaran. The size of the vessel is likely to relate to the group budget and the number of people on board. Even if you are very limited in relation to practical sailing experience, a yacht can be chartered with a full time skipper on board who can take complete control of the navigating, while you are left to completely relax and enjoy the experience.

Choices of boat include:


A highly popular choice for the sailing holidays, a multi-hull like the catamaran is available to hire in a wide range of sizes and shapes from the large size cruising boats to be much smaller and easier to manage boats. A catamaran is likely to offer a very exhilarating and fast sailing experience. Many of the catamarans are likely to require at least two experienced sailors on board to manage and navigate them.


A keelboat is certain to be able to offer a very smooth and pleasant experience on a sailing holiday. A charter sailing boat is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to make certain you are always able to hire the most appropriate type of boat to match the needs. They are very comfortable to sail by a skipper and one or more crew and likely to feature a range of comforts including the bathroom (head), toilet, kitchen (galley) area, and sufficient beds (bunks).


If you’re searching for a charter boat able to offer easy handling and higher speed performance, a motorized boat is certain to be the more desirable option. A motorboat offers a perfect opportunity to explore the local coastal waters at home or in an exotic destination and able to offer a variety of comforts for a day trip.

Canal Boat

A memorable journey is certain to be had on the fabulous rivers and canals throughout continental Europe, UK, and Ireland. A canal boat is among the easiest to control, while also being cost-effective, self-contained, and comfortable. It is a very versatile option and perfect for singles to groups and honeymoons to families. A high-end canal boat can be luxurious inside and come complete with a fully fitted galley, air conditioning, central heating, satellite navigation, comfortable cabins, and similar comforts expected at home.

Sport Fishing Yacht

A purpose-make sports fishing yacht is certain to make it possible to enjoy the unrivaled thrills that come with the epic battles against the ocean fish. A specially equipped boat will make it easy to get to the best fishing sites fast and outfitted with the proper supplies (bait, lures, line, reels, rods, etc.)

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When Is It Necessary To Hire A Professional Skipper?

If you are looking at going on a sailing vacation there might occasions where it is necessary to hire the services of a professional skipper and crew.

Boat CharterIf a charter company isn’t willing to accept the details supplied relating to your competence as a skipper, the only alternative to hiring a sailing charter is to use the services of a local skipper.

Why hire a professional skipper?

In order to successfully charter a sailing boat it is a requirement for the skipper to clearly illustrate (provide relevant certificates) that they have the competence to handle the rental boat. Also, in certain countries such as Greece it is generally a requirement that at least two qualified people are on board. If you’re in a situation where you aren’t able to supply any official certificates of sailing competence issued in your own country, it might be possible to provide alternative documentation, like a written reference from a local sailing club where you are a member. Beyond just the sailing certificates, some of the charter companies might also require a full sailing CV to illustrate your sailing experience in the last five years.

A charter company is always likely to insist that a professional skipper is hired for the duration of a charter when they deem the existing sailing skills aren’t adequate for the type and class of the vessel being hired.

Enjoying a relaxed boating experience

Elsewhere, in many situations it can be quite common for the qualified skipper to rely on the services of the professionals in order to create a more relaxed and carefree sailing holiday. A further quality to relying on the hired skipper is that they are more familiar with the local customs and unique places to explore.

What are the likely costs involved?

Many of the hire companies are able to steer you in the right direction to hiring the services of the qualified professional skipper to match the specific period and that you will require the services. If planning on hiring a skipper it will be necessary to work this into the budget since their services can be quite expensive on an extended break. They might cost in the region of $125 to $150 per day for a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean for instance.

What to take on a sailing adventure

When going on a short break on a motor-driven or sail boat, make sure to pack the essentials like medications, towels, personal hygiene, clothes, etc. Plus, a high-quality selection of waterproof jackets and clothing should be included in episodes of bad weather. Also, the shoes worn on board should be appropriate for the type of boat. A well-planned assortment of food and drink is also a must-have to have on the boat.

Where will the skipper sleep and do I cover the costs of food or similar expenses

Most vessels that require the services of a professional skipper have a cabin available to rest when not laid-up or moored for the evening. Plus, the cost of food or similar expenses should is usually covered by the person that has hired the boat.

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8 Helpful Tips for Boat Rental

Boat rental can offer a variety of benefits: fun and adventure on the water without the cost of maintenance, docking/storage fees, monthly loans, etc. Plus, it might not be necessary to tow the vessel to the launch site.

Boat Rental

Renting a boat gives the perfect option to try out a different lake or type or class of vessel at minimal expense. The rates to book a preferred type of boat for a daily or longer outing is significantly less than the ongoing costs of ownership. A multi day rental is usually a quite cost-effective option.

Below are eight tips to help with hiring the next rental boat:

Why choose that rental company

Any well established boating destination or lake is certain to have several boat rental companies offering a choice of boats for hire. Just conduct a search using the phrase ‘boat rentals’ and add on the preferred region or lake. A large marina might be worth investigating to see if it has a choice of boats to rent out for several days.

Decide on the type and class of vessel

Rental boats will closely relate to the local waterways and experienced gained. A fishing boat is great for the major fishing sites, a pontoon or deck boat is perfect for larger groups or parties, and a Bowrider is a practical choice for the longer tours. Let the rental service know the planned cruising itinerary and they should be able to provide a boat that closely matches.

Moving from location to location

A rental company might be based on the sea or river front which makes it easy to use the local waters. A boat waiting in a marine slip is certain to be the easiest option to get underway. Alternatively, a trailerable boat gives the option to move further afield and explore areas that interest the most.

Do you have a qualified helmsman in charge?

Boat operators, states, and lakes can vary when it comes to classifying someone as qualified to take on responsibility for a boat. Anyone that has completed a boat safety course will help their cause and make it possible to be accepted as the person in charge. Make sure to check the rules and regulations published by the rental company to ensure you are able to comply.

Also, certain rental companies will be willing to provide free of charge tuition for the specific type of vessel that you will be hiring. This increases the chance of being able to safely operate the boat once out on the waters.

Get the vessel a visual inspection before use

Before setting off and accepting responsibility for the boat, make sure to give it a careful and thorough inspection. Inspect the boat for signs of loose or broken fittings, missing parts, prop damage, cracks in the windshield, dents, and scratches. Make sure any defects are noted before accepting the keys and leaving with the boat.

Is the vessel outfitted with the relevant safety equipment?

A further area to get familiar with is the safety equipment on-board. A life jacket should be available for each member of the crew and passengers on the boat and at the appropriate sizes (child to adult). Make sure you are aware of where everything is kept so that it is easy to access in the event of an emergency.

Is standard insurance protection in place?

A rental agreement should indicate the insurance limits and liabilities. Most of the boat rental agreements state the user is the sole person responsible for problems or issues that materialize whilst on hire. Check the agreement to ensure you are able to comply with the terms and conditions listed. Use an insurance agent to check the details if you aren’t entirely certain of what is noted on the form.

Limitations or restrictions in the rental agreement

Read the rental agreement to be certain you know what you are getting into. Limitations in the contract might relate to the distance traveled from the launch ramp or port. Usability options can vary – certain operators will ban the use of skiers or towable tubes. Night time boat handling might be limited. Plus, make sure to be aware of how forced cancellations are handled.