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6 Tips for Writing a Better Ad to Sell Your Boat

Preparing the boat or related accessories for sale is certain to help achieve the more desirable price tag, while also speeding up the process.

Boat Here are six tips to prepare the boat or supplies for sale:

1 – Be aware of fraud

Similar to selling anything online it is essential to be cautious of fraud and deceit. If an offer seems suspicious or too good to be true, be careful and conduct further checks to ensure you are in contact with a legitimate buyer.

2 – Boat inquiries

Aim to reply to questions related to the advertisement as soon as possible. A fast and helpful response will show you are serious about selling the boat and / or related accessories. A first impression is certain to count, so make show the ability to work on a potentially large transaction.

3 – Contact details

Make it easy for the would-be buyer to get in contact, and give a choice of contact details such as phone and email. Also, give the location of the boat so that the enquirer is able to appreciate the distance to travel before making any serious commitments to come and inspect the boat.

4 – Descriptions

Write a detailed description of the boat or accessories for sale. Make sure to highlight the most attractive features in the process of writing out the boat details on the online or print form. Use phrases like regularly serviced, excellent condition, popular model, etc. to get the attention of the would-be buyer.

Provide a full list of inventory and specifications. Compile a list of the make and model of the items that form part of the sale. Plus, give the value of the boat supplies which makes it easier to justify the asking price. Also, make sure to be truthful and correct in the process of itemizing the inventory and stating the condition of the vessel.

5 – High-quality photos

Make sure the boat or accessories are well presented and in good light before taking the photographs for the ads. Take close up pictures of the best features or items of equipment. Use an extra light for interior shots if the natural light is quite dim. Plus, make use of photo processing software to enhance the picture quality before uploading.

6 – Preparing the boat (or accessories) for sale

Before putting a boat on the market give it a careful inspection for signs of neglect and clean and tidy it. This is an essential step to take before going ahead with the sale. A complete polish of the hull and desk and inside of the boat is usually recommended. A well-kept boat is much more able to give the right impression to the potential new owner.

De-clutter the boat and remove everything from sight that can make the boat appear neglected. Dispose of garbage bags; clean the fridge/icebox, and place crockery or similar items in the appropriate lockers. Making the boat appear more spacious is certain to make it appear a better investment. Ensure everything on display is clean and in full working order. Remove any of the boat supplies that aren’t working or in low-quality condition.

Plus, similar rules apply to selling outboard motors, tender dinghies, trailers, life rafts, etc. Clean and tidy before putting up for sale.

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