Small Boats & Paddle Crafts

Kayak Hoist: Canoe & Kayak Ceiling Hoists

Easy-to-use, safe, and reliable the kayak hoist systems are designed with a thick, reliable rope, solid engineering, and safety-catch to support paddling machines up to 150-pounds.

Versatile in use, the kayak ceiling hoist is available in multiple configurations, with models designed to hold a 1-person kayak, raft or canoe up to a maximum weight limit of 50-pound, to those designed to hold 2-person or multiple canoes, and accepting a maximum weight limit in the region of 300-pounds.

Hoist Features

Ceiling mounted, the garage hoist system, with its adjustable straps (guarantees a raft, canoe or kayak is kept in position), safety release latch (puts a stop to accidental release), and rubber-coated hooks (protects from abrasions or scuffs) is built to hold a Old Town, Ocean, Perception, or Native Watercraft at a height of approx 12-foot above floor level.

  • Supports a 50, 100, 125 or 150-lbs weight limit
  • Protects kayaks from scratches via the rubber coated hooks
  • Smooth operating pulley and latch system
  • Avoids un-wanted release with reliable safety mechanism
  • Thick rope for long-term use
  • Accepts all-types of paddling machines (canoe, kayaks, dinghies and rafts)

Easy for a single person to control, the kayak hoist system is constructed with a smooth rope or pulley system to lift or lower a raft in a solid, flat position via use of its two ropes; one attached to each end of the machine, and safely positions a kayak at ceiling height in minutes.

Perfect to mount on either open rafters or finished ceiling, the kayak storage systems are supplied with all assembly hardware (lift, pulleys, screws, rope, etc) for ease in positioning in an unobstructed space.

Push-button Hoists and Motorized Pulleys

Raise or lower a kayak, canoe or raft with a simple-to-operate electric hoist system – lifting a much higher load limit, often in the region of 225 – 250-pounds. Push-button control, the electric hoists operate via a 110-volt outlet, flex-corded hand control, and reliable ¾-HP motor – An efficient solution to eliminate a lot of the clutter that builds up in a garage space – and a great choice if wishing to avoid the strain of man-handling a paddling machine into position.

Other Well-Situated Systems

Racor, Harken Hoister, BAC Industries, and ProSource design and manufacture a series of kayak hoist pulley system to lift a raft – up to 17-ft 9” – to a safe, and secure ceiling height.

1- Storage Rack

A free-standing, super portable, and lightweight solution for organizing multiple canoes, kayaks, surfboards, or similar sports equipment – A floor-based rack is designed to hold paddling machines up to 30-inch in width, up to 20-foot in length, and up to 75-pound in weight.

2 – Wall Cradle

Load almost all kayak models – up to a 100-pounds in weight and 15-inch in depth – onto a steel constructed wall cradle for a safe, reliable hold. Cradles are foam padded to guarantee scratch-free protection of a paddling machine.

3 – Boat Hanger

A versatile solution to hang up to 3 kayaks in a safe, horizontal position – easily adaptable, the boat hangers come with multiple webbing loops which attach to the ceiling for a safe anchoring position.

Versatile in use, the multi-use kayak hoists offer the benefit of lifting or lowering a wide variety of garden or household objects often confined to a workshop or garage, such as deck furniture, adult-size bicycles, sports apparatus, ladders, dock boxes, garden tools, etc.

Also, in order to arrange sufficient boat insurance coverage it is often a requirement to store or secure a small craft against theft or vandalism – or at least remove all equipment if left out in the open – kayak storage systems of this nature will help to comply with these requirements.

All in all, a simple-to-use kayak hoist offers a space-saving solution to lift or lower kayaking equipment – up to 150-lbs – or similar other garage clutter to get back a lot more lost floor space.