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What Type of Boat Dock is Right for You?

A floating dock is a great feature for a waterfront home. Whether you are fishing, boating, jet skiing, or swimming, a versatile floating dock is easy to scale to the personal needs.

River Boat Dock

The class of vessel intended for the dock (ski boat, deck, or pontoon) isn’t critical in most cases because these platforms are able to accept a choice of boats or PWC‘s. In the process of having a dock designed it will be critical to have it designed to match the intended use. Covered boat dock designs and plans are highly desired for those seeking a sheltered area from the rain or sun. Plus, a dock can be built with a spacious walkway or a convenient slip for more functionality.

A variety of variables can impact the layout and design. A skilled boat dock builder is there to help determine the most practical layout to match the lifestyle and location. River or lake conditions are often seen to dictate the style of dock built. Many of the designs are short-term or adaptable. A temporary dock might be installed for the summer season, and when the boat is moved to storage for the lay-up period, the floating or modular dock can be removed for the winter period. Popular dock materials include aluminum, concrete, exotic hardwoods, regular woods, and synthetic materials.

What dock is able to match your specific needs?


It requires a time of reflection to establish the most-efficient style of boat dock design. Throughout the planning stage it is crucial to determine the desired utility, feel, and look of the dock structure. In the planning stage factors to weigh up include the wave exposure, tidal range, and depth of water. Weather conditions are a further factor to consider with the dock fully or partially covered.

A dock structure in high demand and required for day-to-day use is likely to be constructed with materials of a sturdy standing, while the docks constructed for the aesthetic appeal needn’t require such solid resources.


A versatile platform is seen with the floating dock structures. A float dock is designed and constructed to float on the river’s surface and remains in place via fasteners and anchors. They are able to be installed at a much quicker rate than many of the alternative dock structures in the marketplace. A further quality aspect is the ability to adapt to changes in the depth of the river. Floating docks are constructed with a custom or modular build. A high-quality material is seen with the platforms made in PVC, which is known to resist splintering, rotting, warping, and chipping.


A solid and permanent stationary dock is installed with durable legs or supports driven into the river bed to give long-term placement and stability. A stationary dock is perfect for shallow waters or rivers likely to remain at a more stable depth. They are installed using metal, wood, or piping to support the dock structure. In many situations the material of choice is likely to be aluminum pipe or galvanized water pipe. A boat lift might be incorporated on the more heavy-duty platforms.


A straightforward dock design is to be had with the modular dock structures, which are easily and quickly installed. Modular docks are manufactured in high-strength PVC, which is low-maintenance, highly durable, and easily handled. A modular platform is likely to incorporate a non-slip surface, while some might include UV protection to avoid discoloration, chalking, and fading. They are aesthetically pleasing, cool to the touch, and resistant to heat. If required a modular dock can be extended or reconfigured to adapt to the changing conditions or circumstances.

Build with what Material

When it concerns the construction material of the boat dock, consider the location and environment. Polyethylene or aluminum docks are a hard-wearing choice. They are built to be sturdy and withstand major impact. Plus, these docks are low-maintenance and less likely to experience issues with rust or rot. Alternatively, a wooden dock is the preferred choice to add rustic and natural beauty to the shoreline. But, a wood-based dock is more reliant on regular maintenance. A combination dock in aluminum and wood is able to give the stability afforded by metal docks while also providing the attractive aesthetics of the wooden structure.

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