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6 Security Devices to Protect Your Boat

Marine crime can vary significantly and range from a stolen vessel to acts of vandalism.

Boat Alarm SystemA would-be intruder has the potential to attack hundreds of boats that are left unattended in marinas or boat yards up and down the country. Boats can be left unoccupied for 3-4 weeks in marinas and harbors or estuaries and rivers. Plus, most high-end electronics can easily be sold on.

Here are six of the most-effective security methods to help deter the would-be thief:

Alarm (Equipment)

A vessel is often left moored up with a wide range of vulnerable equipment left on the deck. This gear is mostly too big, dirty, or heavy to store elsewhere. An equipment alarm is possible with one of the high-tech perimeter systems which can be located around the equipment that is appealing to the would-be thief. A cable is easily connected to all relevant items and will emit a loud noise should it be cut or otherwise tampered with.

Boat alarm

Modern boat alarms range from high-end sophisticated models to basic systems. Alarms at the low-end of the scale are designed with a sensor to detect the opening of doors and hatches. A boat owner is alerted to any intrusion by a LOUD audible alarm that is installed within the vessel. A more high-tech system is built with an alarm that transmits a signal to a remote monitoring center to ensure security personnel are alerted as soon as possible. Alternatively, a boat alarm can connect to a CCTV system to enable remote monitoring of the boat from the office or home.

Doors and hatches

Boats with built in hatchways rely on a sliding hatch and drop-in boards to help with securing the vessel – although a padlock system is the most reliable. A more secure system relies on a rim lock or similar that is installed on the inside of the vessel. Plus, a vessel with sliding doors can be made more secure by installing the plunger type locks.

Outboard motor

Most of the small-size outboard motors are secured using screw clamps or similar which makes it possible for the boat owner to lift off and relocate elsewhere if required. This means of attaching to the transom is not theft resistant.

Outboard motor security is easily upgraded with a proprietary lock such as the stainless steel tubes that have a barrel lock at one end and slot to prevent the removal of the motor once mounted to the transom.

Wheel clamp

The most efficient method to secure a road trailer against theft is to attach a wheel clamp when left unattended. A further issue to factor in the purchase is the chosen wheel clamp is approved and accepted by the insurance company. A hitch lock and wheel clamp is the most effective method to protect the trailer against theft.


Even if the motor-driven or sail boat is fitted with reliable door locks the windows might let the security down, especially if installed with clips or similar light security. Upgrade clips that are easily forced with proper lockable systems.

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