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Boat Sales: 8 Useful Tips to Help Sell Your Boat

With such a competitive boat sales market it is critical to put in the time and effort to ensure a sail or motor-driven boat is well presented.

Boat Sales

Here are eight tips to help market the boat the right way:


Market the boat heavily initially in the local daily newspapers and boating press. Plus, for the more high-end models which will attract a lot of attention, make sure to take it further and market the vessel in the national and regional venues. Use a lot of pictures to help draw-in attention. Use the internet to your advantage and publish the listing on the dedicated boat sales and classified ad sites.

Maintain the engine

Start the engine up at regular intervals to ensure it is ready and fully operational each time a potential new owner comes to inspect the boat in person. A slow starting engine or completely flat battery is certain to discourage a would-be buyer.

Spruce up the boat

Give the boat a quick spruce up before showing to a potential prospect. Use a quick and easy spray-on wax to help give the boat an instant shine. While this method can give the boats fixtures and fittings an instant gleam, it isn’t likely to last much longer than 24-hours. So, make sure to repeat this step about 60 minutes before each caller comes to visit.

Remove clutter

Give the boat a more spacious feel by clearing the stowage areas of supplies and equipment that has been left to gather over the years. This is certain to give the impression that the boat has the potential to accept a lot more while also appearing significantly tidier.

Touch points

The boat sales market is highly competitive, so it makes sense to ensure the boat is in pristine condition when listed for sale. Look for signs of glaring blemishes that are easily noticeable. A professional detail job can include cleaning the bilge, de-greasing the engine, re-taping the shredded boot stripe, and removing rust stains. Plus, the cabin or other internal areas can be made more pleasant by using air fresheners.

Clear windows

If the vessel is fitted with a clear curtain that are clouded or scratched due to age, make sure to have them removed or replaced when conducting the internal viewing.

Hull appearance

A wooden boat with a painted hull can benefit from a fresh coat of paint to give a like-new appearance. Also, it can help to improve the appearance of the stern drive skegs or similar areas that have experienced issues with worn paint over the years.

Sea trail

Make sure the boat is in the most favorable condition prior to going out on a river or sea trail. While it is necessary to have the safety gear on board, other equipment can be left ashore, while water and fuel can be kept light. This should ensure the boat is easier to handle, quicker to get on plane, and able to achieve its top speed without difficulty. Also, try to limit the number of passengers on board for the sea trials to ensure the boat is kept light and able to give its best performance.

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