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PWC Covers: Ultimate Protection for the Exposed PWC

PWC covers are manufactured to protect a Jet Ski – Sea-Doo – Waverunner personal watercraft from direct sunlight, dirt, and scratch-marks in use or while winterized. Without a brand-specific or universal cover, the body, graphics and paint work of a PWC will start to appear weathered in no time.

PWC Cover and Trailer

Bright sunlight is one of the worst enemies of the PWC – If a high-performance Honda, Polaris, Sea-Doo or Yamaha personal watercraft is kept laid-up outside in an exposed area, make sure to utilize one of the high-quality PWC covers.


  1. Made in a water-repellent and high-strength fabric coated to resist UV-rays and mildew
  2. Protects against rainfall, dirt, dust, bird-dropping, sunlight, or similar pollutants
  3. Tight fitting with elasticized cords and hems
  4. Air vents to stop potential moisture build-up and wind lofting
  5. Zippered access panels for the fuel tank (ideal for trailerable covers)
  6. In-built storage bag – great for storing when not in use
  7. Backed with a 1, 3 or 5-year warranty

Brand-specific or universal PWC covers are what is needed to avoid sun-bleaching to the fiberglass or gel coat, as well as to protect against salt air, rodents, bird droppings, general dirt, pollution, etc. In addition, a high-degree of protection, it is a necessary step to prevent rust, dust build-up or water vapor damage during the period of winterization.


Synthetic materials, such as the marine-tested Sunbrella®, Glen-Tuf™, and Polyguard offer a great choice in a marine environment. Either option has an ability to stand-up to salt water, UV-rays, and on-set of mildew. Solid fabrics resist stretching, tearing, and shrinking to give a much longer life expectancy – in the region of three to five years of typical use. A water-resistant cover ought to be one of the first PWC accessories to purchase to keep the machine in great condition.

Multiple sizes

Offered in multiple sizes – choose from a Jet Ski cover for a one or two-seater machine or a cover for a three seater machine. Covers also come in several different structure designs, including the custom-made covers, rain-proof covers, budget dust sheets, and dual purpose storage / towable cover.

A multi-purpose storage / towable cover offer a perfect opportunity to shield a personal watercraft (PWC) from damage en-route to a lake or seafront – as well as protecting the vehicle whilst laid up at home. Elastic skirts, fuel tank access panels, fastening clips, and integrated straps help to provide a tight and reliable fit.

Jet Ski accessories of this nature also offer the benefit of stopping dust, dirt or water entering the electrical components or engine structure. Quality PWC covers might set someone back an extra $185, although compared to the cost of repairing a damage engine; it is a small amount to pay out for the extra peace of mind.


Other features, a mesh vent or panel at the side or front often appears to permit the right amount of air circulation under a fabric sheet – breathable PWC covers are perfect to allow air to move and thus avoid the on-set of mold, mildew, and moisture build up. In addition, these air vents are great at eliminating the ‘ballooning effect’ that comes with high winds getting caught up beneath a tight-fitting cover.

In summary

A chemically-treated PWC cover is designed to protect a high-performance Jet Ski, Waverunner, or Jet Ski from sunlight, high wind, sleet, rain, and snow at all times – whether at home or on the road.

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